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My name is Miriam Oliveira, aka Tia Mimi. New York is the city that shapes me and presently I consider it my hometown. I created OLMI®, an efficient and extremely successful method to learn a foreign language.​ Online courses offered in Portuguese, English, French, German, and Spanish!

OLMI® is a first-class language learning method created for individuals, corporate clients or groups of professionals, and young adults, who wish to learn a language easily and be able to use it in business, while traveling, or in real life settings. Ready to learn with Tia Mimi? 


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Need a trial lesson? 30 minutes free. Not sure about your commitment? No worries! Try 30 minutes for free!
30 minutes for free - trial lesson
30 min
For beginners: no need to have any prior knowledge. Course built in 12 easy steps so you can be confident in business settings, while traveling, or in any situation when ...
Basic Level - Package of 6
1 hr
Ready for the challenge? Do you really want to learn a foreign language? Take the full course and experience the language with a native speaker!
Complete 12 lessons (2 hours for free)
1 hr

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