Passionate About Empowering People: become fluent in a foreign language!

Learn at your own pace and time. I am here to guide you step by step to feel confident. The course is built in blocks. This way you build a solid structure to move forward in your learning journey. Within a few lessons, you will feel comfortable speaking a new language!

Are you doing business internationally? Are you moving to a foreign country due to professional reasons? Are you in love with someone from a different country and you need to get a deep dive into the language and culture?

OLMI® was created to help busy professionals and young adults, who wish to become fluent in a foreign tongue. It is a simplified method to help you learn easily and stress free. Ready to learn? Come along with Tia Mimi!

  • Goethe Institut

  • Alliance Française

  • Instituto Cervantes

  • Professor: Word Languages Department CT

  • Post-graduate in Languages and Linguistics Univ. Zurich 

  • Creator of the OLMI® online method


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