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Learning a second language can boost the brain:

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

If you wish to learn a new language and need another reason to do it, research shows that the learning process is absolutely great for your brain.

Scientific evidence shows that “multiple-language use on a daily basis may help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. [Study by Prof. Mark Antoniou, Psycholinguist at Western Sydney University]

“Is there enough scientific evidence to claim that learning a new language boosts the brain’s health?”

Learning a language is great for the brain and the memory!

Learning a foreign tongue actually activates certain areas of the brain and research has shown that it strengthens the muscle memory developed from learning two or more languages. This is indeed a fascinating topic! Professor Mark Antoniou at the Western Sydney University has conducted studies to determine whether learning a language much later in life can deter Alzheimer’s. Participants in this study were aged 65 and over and the results, according to Prof. Antoniou, “are promising. It seems that learning foreign languages later in life can bring positive outcomes.”

Do not wait any longer! If your goal is to master a new foreign language, boosting your brain’s health is another great reason. Come along and learn with Tia Mimi and join this great community!


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