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Five tips to learn a foreign language

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Sometimes mastering a foreign language is a combination of art and linguistic science. It can be challenging if your routine is so chaotic that, at the end of the day, the only thing you think of is that pillow waiting for you…

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Sometimes foreign language learners complain about the lack of time:

stress at work, long days, family matters that need immediate attention. When learning a foreign language, you need time for yourself. If this is your goal and you wish to accomplish it, since you embarked on a learning journey, then we recommend five easy tips to keep in mind. Ask yourself everyday: “Do I make time for myself? When can I have 10 or 15 minutes of ‘me’ time?”

5 daily tips to master thatforeign language that you have dreamed about for years

1 - Make time for yourself. You do not need two hours – we know how busy our lives are. Ten to fifteen minutes are enough. Be consistent. Daily!

2 – That specific time needs to be in the morning.This is the time of the day that your brain is more relaxed (after a well-rested night), hence absorbing the information with so much ease.

3 – Before you start your 15-minuted dedicated time, imagine that you are in a favorite place. If you love the beach, picture yourself on that lovely paradise. Your brain will go into a relaxation stage that will allow you to learn faster.

4 - Read out loud and do not be afraid of making mistakes. Think about how children learn a language: they repeat and they do not worry about anything. Relax, enjoy it and be open to the learning process! So, read, repeat and no regrets!

5 – If you are already in a more advanced level, try to connect to people on social media who are learning foreign languages. They share so many tricks and so many great insights that will keep you inspired. You might even find a person with whom you can practice!Learning a foreign language is a journey and not a final destination!


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