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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Thanks to globalization, technology, and obviously the Internet, our world is “shrinking” and travelling is more accessible than ever.

Nowadays it is so much easier to book a flight, to check-in luggage, to plan for that dreamed vacation thanks to the infinite options on the internet. We get inspired on social media, bloggers reveal new tips, and destination management companies put together incredible packages for those who visit a country for the first time.

“How can we make the most of that travel experience? Isn’t it better to experience the culture and communicate with the locals?” The importance of communication and of learning a foreign language is a passport to an untapped world of emotions, feelings, and experiences. Travel, explore the world and learn a foreign language!

When you are able to communicate with the locals, a simple “thank you” can take you a long way. More than a smile, a gesture of kindness, the power of language allows you to be more than just a tourist. It reflects how much you are open to learning about the country that you are visiting. It shows that, as a human being, you simply care. It also gives you the priceless experience of “temporary” belonging to another culture and that, by itself, cannot be translated into any language. Be present at the destination! Be submerged into a culture, into a world of customs and traditions that actually expand your own awareness as a traveler. Don’t forget: take a plane, see the world, and most importantly, learn the local language!

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